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DownloadDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






3DRPG Serial Key is a game with classic RPG elements mixed with a bit of a twist. The worlds we generate are randomly generated, meaning it’s possible to explore the world with new challenges and new areas at every playthrough!

The game is played using a battle system which allows the player to build their very own team of heroes to join the battle! With a manual battle system, the player interacts with their heroes one by one. Between each hero, the player can use abilities to support the hero or to disable the hero. Each ability has a cooldown before it is available again. This cooldown is also the time where the player can prepare another hero for the battle.

The battle system allows for different outcomes. Depending on how one plays and what happens during the battle, there are different possibilities. Depending on how and what your heroes did during the battle, the world can change. You can always go back to your town or dungeon.

How it all started
After a lifetime of gaming, I started to get tired of the norm. I wanted something special. Something that would allow me to explore a world filled with surprises. It has to offer a personal touch and the possibility to have fun within it. I used to play Shadow of the Colossus and felt a special connection to the game. I wanted to make a game with that challenge.

Soon after, I started to think about what kind of world I could create. I came up with two options: Create a world that has endless possibilities or create a world that is randomly generated.

After reading the amazing book Gods, Monsters and Men and learning about the Underworld and the Netherworld. I chose the Netherworld and started to get to work.

I’ve been working on this game for over a year now and I’m proud to finally be able to release the game.

Note: The rating system I’ve made is based on the semi-hardcore rating guidelines and not the normal user rating guidelines.

Thank you for reading and I hope you like 3DRPG Crack.

Bugs & Issues

Of course there may be some bugs in the game. Be sure to use the email provided in the game options to contact me about any issues you might encounter. Thank you again for your interest and support, Jakub! 🙂



It’s been a long time.
3DRPG Product Key is coming up to its first 1.0 release!
I’ve been working on the game for


Features Key:



3DRPG Game Key features:

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