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AARSOL SMS Server 2016 Crack+ Activation Code Free [32|64bit] [Latest]

The AARSOL Server was developed to perform SMS, MMS & USSD programming and all this without having to touch a line of code.
You can now handle the following messages in real time:- SMS, MMS, USSD & Multi-media.
– Send and manage all these SMS Messages over a GSM network.
– Manage SMS Messages over mobile networks without the need to handle the network specifications.
– Send and manage SMS Messages over GPRS & EDGE network.
– All your SMS Messages are stored on a secure, scalable and reliable SQL Server.
– Sent and received SMS Messages are stored in your database.
– Posting the SMS Messages to an external database via the internet, or using the API to external databases.
– Public, private, Exchange accounts or Single Number Service accounts.
– Auto-responders, Profiles, Tracking and other special features.
– SMS Groups for mass SMSing.
– Send SMS Messages from applications with C#, VB.NET, JAVA, Delphi, ASP, or other popular programming languages
– Send and receive SMS messages over mobile networks, using the Internet through a WAN connection.
– Unlimited SMS Message quota.
– Easy to use, user friendly GUI.
– You can use the FREE version for evaluation purposes or for 30 days.
– No licence needed.
– No limitations in term of senders, receivers, recipients or text formatting.
– Additional information:
The AARSOL database is a SQL Server database, which stores all your SMS messages, such as content, senders, receivers, receivers, etc.
AARSOL is a very easy to use software, which needs no installation, and needs no training, it is ready to work and send SMS messages to your mobile phone over a GSM network.
To start the service, you need to open a network connection to your mobile phone. You can do this from a dial-up modem or from the internet from your PC.
You then need to fill a form, which contains your details, such as name, phonenumber, email address and your enterprise message.
After the details are filled out, a scheduler agent automatically sends an SMS to your phone every minute to ensure you never miss a message.
To start the AARSOL sending service, you need to make the following.
1- Create an Sender Account.
2- Create an Administrator Account.
3- Create a

AARSOL SMS Server 2016 Crack [Mac/Win]

AARSOL SMS Server is a robust and reliable Bulk SMS Gateway solution which is specially designed to provide an easy and efficient way of sending out SMS messages to large numbers of users.
The application allows you to choose unlimited no. of recipients(sender and receiver) through an easy to use interface.
The whole process of sending SMS messages is automatic and the process is managed by the application without any coding skills being required. You just need to enter the SMS text for all the recipients, and sit back and relax.
With AARSOL SMS Server, you need not be worried about difficulties in launching the applications on the remote workstations. You can even transfer the messages directly from the software to the remote workstation.
When the application receive the messages, they are transmitted into the database to be scheduled for sending. Through this, you can have the necessary information on the different users who have received the SMS. You can view all the details with AARSOL SMS Server through an easy to use interface, thereby allowing you to check the details of the users who have received the messages.
This is a great service especially for large organizations that need to send bulk SMS to their customers.
AARSOL SMS Server Features:
Automatically updates all the new messages to the various recipients
Automatically deletes expired messages
Sends messages directly to the database
Sends messages in real time
Views received messages
Deletes the phone numbers of the recipients
Sends messages while you are away from your computer

AARSOL SMS Server can be used for sending both short and long messages but sending long message, as it is always limited by the receiver’s phone memory. This is due to the fact that the longer the message, the more space it will occupy.
On the other hand, short message, as it has no size limitation, you can use unlimited no. of messages without any space occupation but you cannot send the same messages to unlimited no. of recipients.

AARSOL SMS Server requires you to have a valid GSM network subscription in order to work. There are no extra charges for this, whether you are using your SIM card or your phone bill will be charged accordingly.
To send a single SMS, you will need the amount as per the unit cost you used when you subscribed for the service
This software has an email notification feature and can also be used as an offline SMS gateway. We provide 24×7 free technical support to help you with any problem. We have designed our

AARSOL SMS Server 2016 Crack

AARSOL Server are a perfect solution for sending SMS using mobile phones, and mobile internet. They are more efficient and easier to use compared to other competing SMS servers. AARSOL SMS Server has a user-friendly web-based GUI for easy management, accurate & real-time reports, and that enables you to send SMS in large volumes.
AARSOL SMS Server Features:
Mobile SMS Gateway,
Easy Web-based GUI,
JAVA Application server,
Microsoft SMS API support,
SMS Gateway Internet Protocol (SMPP) support,
Add-on Solutions Available
SMS Gateway Support,
Mobile VoIP Gateway Support,
GSM Gateway Support,
Long Message support
ISP/operator support
Many other features available
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What’s New In AARSOL SMS Server?

+This plug in for EMS Server++ is used for sending SMS from the server to a specific (Virtual) mobile number in your EMS Server+You can send SMS to various types of mobile+You can send SMS to internal or external mobile number, or even both. e.g. if you have 2 working numbers internal and external, you can configure each number in the application.+You can send SMS from the following mobile network:+

+*You can use our general SMS Server if you do not have specific requirements.*+Our generalized SMS Server: You can send SMS to over 500 different countries and territory. (Prerequisite: You have at least 200 Virtual mobile number to use in the application.)+Outbound: You can send SMS to other and external number (Non-Virtual).+Outbound Last Digit: Select a last digit for SMS to external number in an SMS message.+Inbound: You can receive SMS by both internal and external number (Non-Virtual).+Bulk SMS: Option to make all of your SMS one time message (You don’t need to send SMS one by one. e.g. You can send an SMS to 100 people in one time).+You can change or convert your EMS Server Form to Bulk SMS Form.

Directs your customers’ calls to a single point of contact. Lets you respond as desired to help establish customer satisfaction. Allows you to see caller history and SMS traffic with a single tool.

Directs your customers’ calls to a single point of contact. Lets you respond as desired to help establish customer satisfaction. Allows you to see caller history and SMS traffic with a single tool.

View your SMS history and get to know who all are calling you at present time or who has called you by SMS and what are they asking from you and what are you responding to them. Lets you view the reason for calling you when you are calling them.

View your SMS history and get to know who all are calling you at present time or who has called you by SMS and what are they asking from you and what are you responding to them. Lets you view the reason for calling you when you are calling them.

+Highly Flexible + Dynamic + Free + no Storage Space Requirements + user friendly + Multiple Step Submission to AT & T SelfPAY service +Provides User friendly interface + HD compatible with all computer configurations + User can set up accounts


System Requirements For AARSOL SMS Server:

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo (2.0GHz) or AMD Athlon X2 (2.2GHz)
Hard Drive: 50GB Free Disk Space
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX or ATI Radeon HD 2600XT
Display: 1024 x 768 Resolution (native), 1280 x 1024 resolution recommended
● You MUST start the game with a clean installation of GMod, otherwise the game will crash on startup.
● If you are unable to log in after installing the game,


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