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It all started at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Port Orange, FL. Dr. Flynn, Dr. Sanborn and Dr. Sherman were at the same stage of their schooling and had a lot classes together. Dr. Flynn and Dr. Sherman found common ground through their home state and Dr. Sanborn and Dr. Flynn discovered their mutual love for working out. From early on in their careers, each doctor had each other’s back. They motivated each other to study and grow as doctors. They each developed similar styles, but all specialized in different techniques. They realized they had every component needed to build a successful, multi-faceted practice together, but where would it be located? Dr. Sanborn has always been a Florida girl and it didn’t take long for Dr. Flynn and Dr. Sherman to fall in love with the sunshine state. These two decided to trade their snow boots for swim suits. Dr. Sanborn’s husband moved to Southwest Florida and the rest is history!

When they’re not in the office you can find Dr. Flynn, Dr. Sanborn and Dr. Sherman working out at Hyte CrossFit, riding their beach cruisers around town, relaxing on the beautiful beaches of Southwest Florida, or practicing their swing at a local golf course (maybe only Dr. Sherman). The Doctors love the community of Southwest Florida and have made every effort to keep it local when purchasing equipment, services and supplies for their practice.

At Gulfside Chiropractic Health Center our goal is to help you achieve yours. Wether your goal is to be 100% pain free, to have the energy to play with your kids and grandkids, to perform your best at the gym or a competition, or simply to live your best life possible, we are here to get you there!



Dr. Flynn, Dr. Sanborn and Dr. Sherman founded Gulfside Chiropractic Health Center to provide Bonita Springs, Naples and Estero with the best possible alternative health care. They are passionate about your health. The Doctors are experienced in treating all kinds of patients: athletes, children, pregnant women, senior citizens and more! They are trained in a variety of treatments including hands-on adjusting of the spine and extremities, instrument adjusting, Flexion/Distraction, Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, kinesiology taping, Neuromuscular Electric Stimulation (NMES) and Ultrasound therapy. No matter what stage of life you are in, whether you are in pain or feel no pain at all, you will benefit from excellent chiropractic care, which is exactly what you will receive at Gulfside Chiropractic Health Center.