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Download Setup + CrackDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Download Setup + CrackDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)


You’re a female assassin in an alternate reality, an assassin that doesn’t use guns, but takes them to the extreme, kills like an artist and fights like a pro gamer. You must learn to cooperate with your teammates as you take on a powerful enemy that is hiding within the organization. It’s a rythm action game where you will be using your pistols rhythmically in beat, as you are facing enemies that are flying towards you and you alternate pistols hand to hand. Be careful not to get destroyed by bullets, you don’t have that much time to dodge. Surround yourself with beautiful skies that breathe with music, and experience a story about love and friendship, betrayal and death.
The aim of the game is to kill as many enemies as you can and to achieve high scores.
You can not pause the game if you die, you must start from the beginning of the round, but you can restart as soon as you are back on your feet.
Three difficulties: Easy, medium and hard.
Fascinating music and ambient sounds:
Music by
*Fans* – Join the Discord and help me with ideas and suggestions
Hope you enjoy! Please rate the game and leave a comment, if you like my games you can also like them on
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And on my channel, you can follow me on my adventures:

We are one of the biggest gaming clans in the Philippines and we recently started a new VR game idea from Japan! We created a game called ‘Kunai Hurler’ where you play as a ninja using kunai as your main weapon to get rid of monsters that are trying to take away the land from you. We’re a group of fun-loving people who enjoy our time playing our favorite games and sharing them with the world. Our monthly gaming sessions have been going on for over 5 years and our players range all the way from


Download Setup + CrackDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Download Setup + CrackDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Cosmic Disco Features Key:

  • Unlock various Cosmic Disco content and play through the game, including costumes, challenges, and many more!
  • Captioned characters interact with each other and do their own little dance!


Cosmic Disco Crack + With Key Free Download [32|64bit] [Latest]

Fight through different stages or play a couple of minutes and complete the whole song!
Each level is set to a different song, in a different atmospheric scene. But because of the amazing soundtrack, it always feels like you are playing together in a disco and not a shooter.
All stages are carefully designed around a couple of theme tunes (some of them are known, but we will not spoil the fun). Each one is based on the concept of the album and song (for example you meet characters from the album, they have specific way of talking etc.)
All enemies fly towards you, and they will start to change their behaviour if they are hit. Some enemies have complex AI. But the enemies are there to make the player work as a dance pro, trying not to be hit!
Official Discord:
Follow me:

published:19 Oct 2018


Back2Back – A VR Rhythm-Shooter made by a solo developer. Follow your music in a beat or create your own rhythms.
• MUSIC Visualization by SMN.
• VariousThemes and environments (Including our own experimental theme)
• DifferentModes (Including a Team-Deathmatch, Arcade and TimeAttack)
• Tutorial (Optional)
• A-LifeSystem (Optional)
• CustomStageSupport (Optional)
Back2Back includes the following sections:
• MainMenu:
A simple and clean menu screen with all important options.
• MainGameLoop:
An endless Arcade-Mode with nice and easy to control characters.
• Scoreboard:
A highscore table with global & local leaderboards.
• Team:
A nice and flexible Match-System with different Teams, different number of Players and different Players with different roles.
• Options:
Change the Graphics, Gameplay, Music and UI settings.
Join our Discord server to make suggestions and have fun with the community!
Welcome to…

published:08 May 2018


If you enjoyed the video then please hit the “like” button for me, subscribe, and if you have any suggestions, constructive criticism or comments then let me know.
You can follow me on Twitter here:

published:26 Nov 2016


You wake up


Cosmic Disco Activation Download For PC (Updated 2022)

Another format for feedback, suggestions and improvements! So far, I can say that this is the most important feature in the game. This is where you enter a little contest, with which you may win various rewards, like a big discount or special soundtrack for example! This gives us the chance to build the game we want to make, or to improve it more, because if you don’t like the game, this is also an opportunity to buy it without all the rewards, but I would like to make a good game.

First we design the game together in a private Discord server, and then we decide what we want to reward, and what we want to improve. Once we have this decision, you make your suggestions in this forum, and we decide together which suggestion we will reward. Please join the Discord to participate in this format of feedback!

The game is in Early Access until the release of the Nintendo Switch Version and the Steam Version.

In the future I would like to develop a story mode that would be like the story of GTA in VR, and probably a lot of different story lines and interactions with the environment, which would create a series of new challenges to conquer. And also I would like to create a multiplayer mode, something like “Killzone”, “RimWorld” or “Robinson Crusoe” which would be exciting to play in VR, and at the same time, I would like to create a multiplayer mode that would be very realistic, and that could be played on a large scale, and the game could be played on a single private VR Server, or it could be played on a network, or a host (me) would have a private server with the people that I would like to play.

This is very interesting to me, but it depends on the development team because as you can imagine, I would have to pay the employees (at least $3000 to $6000/month) and it takes a lot of time to develop. If you have good ideas, you can help me with your ideas, we could even work together, because I have some experience in VR.

How does the game work?

You must be able to enjoy watching YouTube videos because this game does not have any text. In the game we use storyboards, animation and set animations that we developed ourselves, like a style of “Hotline Miami”, “Monowoman” and “uap”. The game is in Early Access, this means that there are no obstacles


What’s new in Cosmic Disco:

Management Services Private Limited [CDM] was founded by Mr. Jagmohan Singh Chauhan. As of today, Mr. Jagmohan Singh Chauhan is working with most of the people in the world at different organizations and different businesses from India [Delhi].

The Cosmic Disco Management Services Private Limited [CDM], a private company, offers services such as Promotion and Marketing, Store opening and Fulfilling, Print and Designing, Call and E-mail blasting, Band Promotion, etc. These services are offered for websites and for different businesses.[8][9] As of today in Mumbai, Cosmic Disco Management Services Private Limited [CDM] offers services at all languages of India and internationally. It is famous in Mumbai for doing its best work under the supervision of Mr. Jagmohan Singh Chauhan, an Indian entrepreneur who has achieved the highest ranking [10][11][12][13] at the Online Spinoffs magazine and other magazines. Cosmic Disco Management Services Private Limited [CDM] has acquired all copyright for himself, because of which no other individual can use anyone else’s form of music. Its customers are famous globally and it is one of the fastest growing companies in India. It has many clients from different industries.

It also offers service of Print and Artistic designing. It has representatives in all major cities such as Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Pune and many other cities. Cosmic Disco Management Services Private Limited [CDM] has also changed its name to Cosmic Energy Design Consultants Private Limited [CECD] [14] to withdraw the services of “Cosmic Disco Management Services Private Limited.” Cosmic Disco Management Services Private Limited [CDM] was directly under the house of Cosmic Energy Consultants Private Limited [CECD].

CDM hired a few of the highly educated and seasoned executives as well on 17 August, 2012. [15][16] Since then, it has always successfully satisfied its clients from the industry and other parts of the world. Currently, the company is going to launch its new website with its new identity “Cosmic Dance Music [CDM]” on 14 September, 2014.

Cosmic Disco Management Services Private Limited, along with its partners Cosmic Energy Consultants Private Limited [CECD], Cosmic Dance Music [CDM] [16][17][18], Cosmic Music India [CMI], and Cosmic Notes, has won many awards such as Online Web


Download Cosmic Disco Crack + Activator For PC [Updated]


How To Crack:

  • Double click on Cosmic Disco setup
  • Allow automatic updates
  • Launch the cracked executable
  • Play Cosmic Disco to solve the game
  • Enjoy your cosmic disco game.

Download Cosmic Disco:

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System Requirements For Cosmic Disco:

• Hardware: Minimum spec is Intel 4790K/Radeon 7700 series GPU. While a higher-end system (e.g. Intel i9-7900X / Radeon RX Vega series GPU) is recommended, a lower-end system (e.g. Intel i5-7600K / Radeon RX 560) is still supported.
• Operating System: Windows 10 (64-bit OS) is recommended
• Download: PC-BSD 12.0-RELEASE “James” i386 & amd64 ISO images available at




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