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DoStudio Authoring Edition 1.6.4 Free Download [Latest] 2022

DoStudio Authoring Edition is a program that allows users to create replication-ready Blu-ray projects fast and easily.
The DoStudio line is a series of applications focused on professional Blu-ray Disc authoring.
DoStudio products empower you to create high-quality, replication ready Blu-ray Disc titles with interactive pop-up menus, complex interactivity, and dual 1080p 3D streams.
In addition, one can transcode their files into Blu-ray disc-compliant MVC and AVC files for Blu-ray 3D. 








DoStudio Authoring Edition 1.6.4 Download (2022)

The DoStudio Authoring Edition, a program for creating Blu-ray content. Content created in DoStudio Authoring Edition may be used in any Blu-ray Disc authoring application, such as DoFaces, DoDVDStyler, and Blu-ray3D.
DoStudio Authoring Edition allows users to create Blu-ray content for a variety of formats. One can export a project into an MVC or AVC file suitable for use with any appropriate Blu-ray Disc authoring application.

Supported Formats:
-.MVC files with either the MVC 1.x or MVC 2.x extensions.
-.AVC files with the AVC standard extension.
-.AVC and.MVC files with either the MVC1.x or MVC2.x extensions.
-.BDA files with the BDA standard extension.
-.BDA files with the BDA 1.1 or BDA 1.2 extensions.
-.AVCHD files in any of the three supported compression formats: AVC-S, AVC-L, and AVCHD.
-.MVC files with a 1.x or 2.x extension are compatible with both BD-J and BD-RE releases of the disc. AVC files with a 1.x extension are compatible with all new releases of BD-J and BD-RE. AVC files with a 2.x extension are only compatible with BD-RE releases. 
– All of the.AVCHD files from the.AVCHD,.AVCHD Lite and.AVCHD PRO series in both the.AVCHD.IMG and.AVCHD.RAW file formats can be used with DoStudio authoring edition.
– Audio and video metadata can be written as comments, EXIF, IPTC, XMP, or arbitrary data. 
– The MVC 1.x and MVC 2.x file formats can be written using different object types: Movie Clip, Movie, Start, Slide, Puzzle, Timeline, Movie Link. 
– Additional object types may be available in future releases of the program.
– Dual 1080p 3D streams are supported in some object types.
– Media libraries can be integrated into a project.
– Users can use their own custom font files in MVC or AVC files.
– Custom player fonts can be used in M

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The DoStudio Authoring Edition is designed to work with the DoStudio Authoring. It allows users to create replication ready Blu-ray discs quickly.
DoStudio Authoring Edition uses the same logic and engine as the DoStudio Authoring, so it will have all the advanced features.
The DoStudio Authoring Edition can be used to create Blu-ray discs for DIVX or HD DVD.

DoStudio Authoring 6.1 Beta 1 Released

Version 6.1 Beta 1 of DoStudio Authoring Edition is now released.
An update of the DoStudio Authoring engine, which includes major fixes for DoStudio Authoring 6.1 Beta 1 is available for DoStudio Authoring 6.0.
DoStudio Authoring for HD DVD and DIVX will also work with DoStudio Authoring 6.1 Beta 1.
To update to DoStudio Authoring 6.1 Beta 1, visit the DoStudio Authoring website.
To view previous version information of DoStudio Authoring, visit the DoStudio Authoring website.

DoStudio Authoring 6.0 Beta 2 Released

Version 6.0 Beta 2 of DoStudio Authoring Edition is now released.
An update of the DoStudio Authoring engine, which includes new features for DoStudio Authoring 6.0 is available for DoStudio Authoring 6.0 Beta 1.
DoStudio Authoring 6.0 Beta 2 adds support for DVD-9 and Blu-ray+ 3D.
To update to DoStudio Authoring 6.0 Beta 2, visit the DoStudio Authoring website.
To view previous version information of DoStudio Authoring, visit the DoStudio Authoring website.

To begin authoring your project, visit the DoStudio Authoring website.

Product Specifications

DoStudio Authoring

Create reproduction-ready HD DVD/BD authoring tools

DoStudio Authoring is an application that allows users to create advanced reproduction-ready Blu-ray Discs with interactive menus and dual 3D streams for high-definition television (HDTV) presentations.

DoStudio Authoring with DVD-9 and Blu-ray+3D

Create and author Blu-ray discs for content on DVD-9 or Blu-ray+3D formats and incorporate advanced features such as interactive menus, dual 3D streams, dual 1080p video, and DVD chapter menus.

DoStudio Authoring 6.1 Beta 1

Let’s you

DoStudio Authoring Edition 1.6.4 Crack+

With DoStudio Authoring Edition it is easy to create a variety of Blu-ray media projects like Blu-ray discs, BD-Video players, blu ray slideshows, Blu-ray music videos, Blu-ray photo galleries, Blu-ray 3D movies, and more.
With DoStudio Authoring Edition, you can quickly and easily create the following media projects:
– Blu-ray Discs
– Blu-ray players
– Blu ray slideshows
– Blu ray 3D movies
– Blu-ray photo galleries

New Feature:
With the introduction of Blu-ray 3D, we have added the ability to edit and author Blu-ray 3D Media with DoStudio Authoring Edition.
We have also added new creation features like creating music videos and Blu-ray galleries.
With this release, we have added more functionality in new and updated areas as well.

Major Feature:
In this release, we have introduced many new features that make it more easy and intuitive to produce and author Blu-ray content such as:

• MOV tagging feature:  To enrich the user experience, we have added a new feature that allows the user to tag certain clips in the timeline and set their sort order when to use them as images in their slideshows or in Blu-ray players.
• Split slide:  We have added the ability to split a slide, which creates several slides with the same content as a single slide.  By using this feature, user can create complex and sophisticated slideshows that contain several types of slides such as Blu-ray 3D movies, music videos, and Blu-ray photo galleries etc.
• Create a music video:  DoStudio Authoring Edition includes many tools to create a music video, a gallery and a photo gallery.
• Blu-ray file creation:  We added the ability to create Blu-ray with user created files including 3D, AVC/MVC files.
• Avatar & Look-up for 3D image:  We have updated the 3D functions by adding Avatar feature with Portrait slider and a Look-up control for 3D image.
• Groups & Sub groups:  Using this new feature, a user can categorize the clips and sets into different groups and/or sub groups.
• Clip editing:  With this feature a user can apply color correction to a clip

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