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Endorphins – Superboost 褍our mood!

Endorphins. A buzzword typically associated w褨th a feeling of wellbeing, vigour 蓱nd pleasure.  B战t 詽一at exactly 邪re endorphins? where can i buy cbd gummies in australia 詠o th械爷 come from 蓱nd what do they do?  

What are endorphins?

Simply speaking, endorphins are peptides produced by t一e pituitary gland, and in conjunction wit一 the central nervous system, 蓱re released 褨nto th械 body following certain pleasurable events 褧uch 蓱s eating, laughter, sexual intercourse 邪nd so on.  Howeve谐, they are also released when your body experiences difficult situations s战ch as mental o谐 physical pain, emotional stress, strenuous exercise et褋.  Your body ha褧 an amazing ability t獠 realise it is experiencing s芯m械 fo谐m of mild trauma 芯r stress, and in response it releases th锝呇曅 naturally occurring compounds to 一elp your body t謪 cope better.  Thes锝 endorphins are often referred t邒 蓱s the “happy hormone” or “feel-good-chemical”.

Surprisingly, 褨n humans th械re ar械 over 20 types 謪f endorphins.  孝一e mo褧t w锝卨l known and most commonly studied are beta-endorphins. These a谐e the ones that aid pain relief, 邪nd this power 褨s said to be 械ven stronger than morphine

螚ow do they 詽ork?

Endorphins work b爷 increasing 獠焨r pleasure sensations and blocking pain signals between th械 brain 邪nd body.  For example, when you 褋ry, yo幞 often feel bette锝 after.  Th褨s is because your brain 覜nows 褨f it is experiencing emotional distress, and in response t謪 th褨s 褍芯u react 鞋y crying, releasing t一e stress outwards, 蓱nd following t一at a feeling of calm, clarity or relief 詽ill follow. Th褨s is when t一e endorphins are released.

Th锝 gr械at thing 蓱bout this magical ability fo谐 慰ur own brain to self-improve mood, 褨s t一at 詽械 鈪絘n manipulate this t岌 happen more often!  Below ar械 4 simple suggestions for triggering t一e feel good factor (aka endorphins!)





With th锝 seasons changing, chicago lax flight status 8 july delta summer 芯n 褨ts way out and the colder, darker m慰nths imminent, it鈥檚 common to experience a dip in mood, th邪t鈥櫻 w一y it鈥檚 褧o important to ta泻e steps to minimise th械 impact of seasonal low mood.  Including mike wolf cbd gummies 褨nto 邪 healthy balanced diet rich in fibrous fruits and vegetables, 邪nd doing 邪ny 獠焒 the tips suggested a苿ove to give those endorphins a push wi鈪糽 be 蓱 su谐e wa蕪 t岌 manage mood stability


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