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ESET Internet Security (64-bit) KEY .rar

ESET Internet Security (64-bit) KEY .rar

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ESET Internet Security (64-bit) KEY .rar

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Semiconductor memory (including memory used in computers) can be classified into three general categories: RAM (random access memory), ROM (read only memory), and EEPROM (electrically erasable programmable read only memory). RAM is typically used for temporary storage of data while it is being used. EEPROM and Flash memory, for example, may be used for long term storage of data. EEPROM, though being non-volatile like hard drives, must be erased and written upon each time data is to be added or updated. Flash memory, though being non-volatile, is typically erased in large blocks to avoid wearing out the memory cells.
One type of EEPROM is the Split-Gate Flash, in which a cell includes a substrate of semiconductor material of one conductivity type that is doped with silicon. A heavily doped source region and a heavily doped drain region are implanted into the substrate. A channel region between the source and drain is formed in the substrate. A thin gate oxide layer is formed over the substrate. A polysilicon gate is deposited over the gate oxide layer, and may be doped to be one polarity or the opposite polarity to the substrate. The polysilicon gate is separated from the channel by the gate oxide. When the device is operating, a positive voltage


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