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“There are a lot of data that I have collected. I have to start with the shape of the player. I have to see the player’s trunk, the hips, legs, feet, and hands, because they are the most important parts when it comes to their movements. The sides and the back need to be checked as well, as they’re key areas where players can be hit. It’s a process of collecting data for each of the players to determine and measure which parts they need to improve upon,” said Moore, speaking at EA SPORTS Season Ticket.

“When you’re on your own, you can’t see all of this,” he continued. “When you’re working with 24 other people, you’re able to see different aspects of your game, such as how your body is moving when you step on the ball. You’re able to see it when you’re running, when you’re tackling, when you’re doing the runs. You’re able to see how your head movement affects your body movement, and that helps you improve your game. This is what I am looking for, because I am so new to the sport. I have a lot of catching up to do.”

“We have worked with all the players. I’m still in contact with them to help them improve, because they are all specialists who have specific areas of improvement,” said Moore. “If I were to measure someone’s head or torso movement, we want to know why it’s different, and what areas need to improve on. If I were to measure someone’s foot movement, we want to know how they land and slide when they’re trying to control the ball. When I see that a certain player is not showing the right moves, I ask him about it. I want to see what he’s trying to do and what he wants to improve upon. If he doesn’t know, then I ask the coach to explain to him. The coach will say why he’s doing it this way. He’ll explain to the players what they need to improve upon, and then the players will try to make it happen. We want to make sure that the players understand why they are doing what they are doing. And once I know, I can work


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