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An exploratory, turn-based dungeon crawler RPG. Create your own gear and adapt your character to the situation.
Feed your hero and equipment with new spells, devastating encounters, and the weakness of your enemies.
In addition to friendly characters, you can also choose from two forces that will fight for you and overthrow your enemies. Can you become the hero of your own story?

Main Features:
– Customized gear: Create your own equipment and master your weapons.
– Choose from different combat tactics: Ranged attacks, spells, and stealth.
– Create your own gear: Your equipment determines the power of your hero.
– Fight for you or your enemies: Take control of the war between the forces.
– Choose between two sides and fight against your enemies.
– Fast and beautiful turn-based game.
– 6 classes, each with a unique combination of spells, attacks, and mechanics.
– Six races with each of their own tendencies.
– 2D art and beautiful pixel art.
– 3D graphics for beautiful dungeons.
– Music with electronic influences.
– Real-time battles: Equip your weapon and immediately enter battle.
– Thousands of items to discover: Brand new equipment, fearsome monsters, new attributes, hidden creatures, and secret rooms.
– An absolutely free update system.

Install Instructions

1. Download this content via Steam
1.1 You need Steam to play this content. The link to Steam is located at the end of the description.
1.2 After downloading, complete the installation by clicking on the.exe file.
2. Run the.exe file

If you like what you see then please give us your feedback to help us improve our games. There are several ways you can help us.
1. Report errors.
2. Provide suggestions.
3. Be a beta tester (submit your email address for updates).
4. Enjoy our games!

A big thank you to all of our Beta Testers for helping us make our games even better. Your feedback was invaluable to us and made it possible to make the best games we can.

Gameplay Video



Gameplay Features

Why is there no description of my map editor for the PS4?

Our focus is on delivering the best games to the community. We don’t have the time or resources to build an editor for the PS4.

Why did the game need a


Galvatia Features Key:

  • 150 levels
  • 30 lifes
  • 5 types of enemies
  • More than 50 combinations of power-ups

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    Free Galvatia Crack + Keygen For (LifeTime) (Updated 2022)


    How To Crack Galvatia:

    • Disclaimer: You are Going to Download…
    • 1. Install.exe file : 2. Install RAR or unpacked files 3. Install game.exe file, make sure game has CRC 32 checksum or cracked
    • If it work, launch game, press F1 and here is an instruction..
    • If you have any questions about installation, don’t hesitate to ask, we are only as trained as you are, our goal is just to help.



    System Requirements:

    Windows XP / Vista
    1 GHz Processor or faster
    512 MB RAM (2 GB recommended)
    550 MB available hard drive space
    Internet Browser: Internet Explorer 7
    Internet Access: Broadband or LAN Internet connection
    Participation will be limited to one person per household.
    Note: The software installation will create one folder on the
    laptop (or other computer) where you are logged in as part of the
    installation. Only the person who installed the software should
    access this folder.
    Instructions for Installation:



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