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Is It Time To speak Extra ABout Canadian News Today?

The world has been battling the Covid-19 pandemic for over a year now, and unfortunately, things are not looking any better. Countries are experiencing a rapid increase in Covid-19 cases, leading to fears of a third wave. New variants of the virus have emerged, and Canadian News Today some are more transmissible than the original one. India is one of the countries facing a significant surge in cases, with over 200,000 new cases reported every day. Hospitals are overwhelmed, oxygen supplies are running low, and the death toll is rising.

Canada News - canada news latest - canada news for today May 23th 2020 - YouTubeThe situation is so dire that India is running out of the resources needed to fight the virus. The Indian government has imposed lockdowns in some parts of the country, but it remains to be seen whether these restrictions will have a significant impact. Brazil is another country that has been hit hard by the pandemic, with over 400,000 deaths reported. The country’s vaccine rollout has been slow, and some regions are experiencing a shortage of oxygen.

The government has been criticized for its handling of the pandemic, with many accusing it of downplaying the severity of the virus.

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