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Maria E Joao € O Conto Das Bruxas Torrent (2020) Dublado E Legendado HD 720p € Download [VERIFIED]

Maria E Joao € O Conto Das Bruxas Torrent (2020) Dublado E Legendado HD 720p € Download [VERIFIED]


Maria E Joao € O Conto Das Bruxas Torrent (2020) Dublado E Legendado HD 720p € Download

Seu Acesso ao Livro da Mente, uma nova publicação da Instituição.
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Fascinating Quotes From Kurba (Kamar Panos)…
क्रुम्जोन्दिस्ट (स्त्रिय श्रीहरू द्वारा प्रकोपियों व कीगणितों व शुभकालयों वाली बातें)
क्रुम्जोन्दिस्ट (स्त्रिय श्रीहरू द्वारा प्रकोपियों व कीगणितों व शुभकालयों वाली बातें)


Change of Ides – do we have IDes Kaumodaksham?

Does someone else besides me have this ‘gem’ embedded in his forehead (says ‘kaumodaksham’). The character is in the most recent Mahabharata epic film, and it opens with Arjuna the bowman fighting the great Karna. When he is about to shoot him, the rim of his bow hits Arjuna’s forehead in the shape of that ‘quadrangular bump’.


The word kaumoda means symbol

A mark that represents something special or sacred.
The elephant’s emblem, a sign of his office.

In Adonis, Arthur C. Clarke writes:

“You have a mark of the gods, in the shape of kaumodaksham, or the lotus
flower, on your brow.”

So the word kaumodaksham means the sign on someone’s forehead.

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Should we have an audio tag?

I was browsing through Stack Overflow, and I saw this question:
How to make a Quiz using JavaScript
The question is about JavaScript, but was marked as audio. The best way to explain my confusion is to give you a tiny tidbit of the transcript:

… it does not offer a JavaScript powered quiz (a mini-quiz). It’s easy to create a quiz from JavaScript.

We currently have nine audio tags. Should we have an audio tag so questions that are meant to have audio that will only play to the audience in question?


I don’t think there should be audio tags, at least not just for this specific question.
Lets say the following is a JavaScript question:

// how do I do this in JavaScript? I want to do this, but we dont have this
functionality in JavaScript

Now it


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