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MySQL 8 And The FRM Drop… How To Recover Table DDL

MySQL 8 And The FRM Drop… How To Recover Table DDL


MySQL 8 And The FRM Drop… How To Recover Table DDL

MySQL 8 Features
MySQL 8.0.3
Release notes for MySQL 5.7.4 and MySQL 8.0.3.
TABLE_DATABASE is not supported for a
multi-instance database that is started in
a server with MySQL 5.7.4.
Dropped tables are not removed from the
history table, and the RENAME TABLE
statement does not work when altering or
dropping the name of a table with an
existing index.
MySQL 8.0.3 Beta1 is released
ZIP: approves first pill to treat a deadly form of lung cancer

By Joyce Rosenberg, CNN

Updated 1838 GMT (0238 HKT) January 29, 2013

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A pill could allow lung cancer patients to live longer, not just from the disease, but the side effects of their treatment, health officials said.

Story highlights

The FDA approved a new lung cancer pill Tuesday for the first time

This is the first drug approved for the rare and aggressive form of lung cancer known as “sudden onset interstitial lung disease”

For patients living with this disease, it’s a major breakthrough

But it’s not the final word on treatment for this deadly type of lung cancer

Lung cancer kills more people than any other type of cancer, but it’s a disease that can be treated, and it can be treated effectively, “provided that you catch it early and you treat it early,” Dr. Thomas Gobeil, of the American Cancer Society, said Tuesday at a news conference.

Tuesday’s announcement that the Food and Drug Administration approved a first-of-its-kind lung cancer pill is a major step in that direction.

The medication, vandetanib, works in a way that could eventually eradicate the disease, according to Dr. Charles Sawyers, of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York.

“In the future, a very high number of people who have


Everything You Wanted to Know About Storage Engines (MySQL 5.6)?


Actually, if you’re using InnoDB, then you should just be able to alter the FILE table and change its location. That will switch it to the location of the ibdata1 file. I don’t know why you’d be running into problems, but your table is not set up for InnoDB, so you should be able to fix that.
If, however, you’re using MyISAM, you’ll have to just duplicate the file, and change the location that you set in the ibdata1 file.
Since you’re using MyISAM, you can just run DROP TABLE, followed by CREATE TABLE.
It would be advisable to take a few backups before running either of the above commands.
DROP TABLE should succeed pretty quickly (unless you run into problems, which will be fairly simple to repair), and CREATE TABLE should take a while due to the large size of the table, and the amount of data being duplicated.

Node.js on Nginx and Google Cloud Platform

Lately I have been playing with node.js on Nginx and
Google Cloud Platform. I was working on a reactive long
polling chat in one of my project. I was testing in local
environment and it was working as expected. I was using
wildcard subdomains (weird.com name). Then I decided to
ship it to my customer and created a WordPress site.

Here are the things I learned during my whole

If you are using aws there is no way to create
subdomains for your application

I would suggest to host your website on
Blank WordPress (or a similar theme) and use
CloudFlare CDN service

Install a wildcard SSL

Update all the files in the root

Download these files:





and enter these commands:

npm install

npm install gulp

npm install gulp-cli

This is a gist for
config.xml and index.html files

This is a gist for index.css

npm install node-modules/node.js

This is a gist for node.js

Gulp setup script:


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