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. 665, 18/11/2018, VARIANTS 2.1.9.
. 253. 8.3.4, 8.4.3, 8.3.5, 8.4.2, 8.3.6. 261, 7/12/2018, GREY Fox.Video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery in the diagnostic and therapeutic management of patients with pleural disease.
To investigate the efficacy of video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS) in the management of pleural disease. From January 1996 to May 2006, there were 121 VATS procedures for pleural disease in our institute. There were 79 men (65.3%) and 42 women (34.7%). The median age was 51.2 years (range, 8-77 years). The most common indication for VATS was drainage of pleural empyema (53.9%). Other indications were pleural effusion in 15 patients, lung cancer in 15 patients, lung transplantation in 8 patients, pneumothorax in 3 patients, decortication in 2 patients, pleural plombage in 1 patient, and pericardial tamponade in 1 patient. A system used for the closure of the thoracic wall after VATS was as follows: staples (n = 95), metal staples (n = 13), and tape (n = 7). Adjuvant therapies were drainage (n = 42), pleural abrasion (n = 4), pleural abrasion and local wound care (n = 6), pleural decortication (n = 4), and decortication and pleurodesis (n = 1). The mean hospital stay was 3.1 days (range, 1-8 days). There was no intraoperative mortality and a small pneumothorax was managed by the closed tube thoracostomy. There was 1 (0.8%) conversion to thoracotomy. The mean follow-up period was 26.6 months. There were 12 (9.9%) recurrences, among which 2 patients had pleural empyema, 6 had lung cancer, and 4 had lung transplantation. Recurrences occurred


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