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Adobe Photoshop’s predecessor, Adobe Photo Deluxe, is still available and supported by Adobe. However, I wouldn’t recommend it for beginning Photoshop users because the interface is completely different than it is in Photoshop, and its raster-based workflow is better suited to older users who still are familiar with the image editor’s capabilities.

Getting Started in Photoshop

In this book, I am assuming that the reader has a basic understanding of Photoshop’s features and terminology. If you’re just starting, I recommend that you first read A Quick Tour of Photoshop and Photoshop CS6: The Complete Guide by Skillsoft.

Working with Layers

The basic task of editing an image is to selectively paint, erase, cut, copy, and paste areas of an image to a separate, or layer, and then manipulate those layers by moving them, and applying effects to them. The process of painting and editing an image into a final image is called editing, not “photoshopping.”

The Photoshop layers panel, shown in Figure 2-1, is the main window that enables you to create, move, and manipulate layers. Initially, Photoshop displays the entire image on the left side of the window. At the bottom of the window, you see a small green background that identifies the active layer, named “Normal” by default. (You can see a more detailed description of the workspace later in this chapter.)

Figure 2-1: The Layers panel provides access to all the essential tools of Photoshop as well as the current Active Layer.

You can make a copy of the current image layer by right-clicking (Windows) or Control+clicking (Mac), and then choosing Layer⇒Duplicate Layer. This copies all of the properties of the active layer to a new layer in the stack. You can then edit the duplicate layer or delete it or use it as a new layer. If you delete a layer that you’ve been working on, Photoshop saves the original image in the same place it would have been saved if you hadn’t deleted the layer.

When you make a copy of a layer, Photoshop places the layer in the.PSD (Photoshop) file format so that it can be read and edited in Photoshop. If you manually rename the layer in Photoshop and then reopen the file in the PSD file format, the layer is placed in a new file with a new name.

You can always open a layer from its original location in the image by going to

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Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 is an image editing program, similar to Adobe Photoshop, which allows the user to edit digital images, create, organize, and deliver photos. It is often used to make print-ready images, such as those for color prints, web, or home use. Unlike Adobe Photoshop, the user interface is simple with no difficult menu navigation. Photoshop Elements has fewer features than Photoshop, but allows the user to perform many basic editing tasks. Photoshop Elements 11 also has fewer plug-ins, which are downloadable extensions used in the professional version of Photoshop. Photoshop Elements 11 has the ability to import images from other programs, as well as the ability to export images to other programs. The user can also create and edit videos from images or from a sequence of pictures, and is also able to save in both JPG and TIFF formats, among others.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 features the following:

Color correction: adjusts the color and contrast in photos.

Adobe has also released Photoshop Express, a program that syncs to the Adobe Creative Cloud for mobile photo editing.

Smart Fix can correct common photographic and image editing mistakes such as blurred photos, and improper white balance.

Elements: Use natural blurs to soften photos or blur areas of photos.

Other apps that are included with the software are:

Adobe Camera RAW

Adobe Lightroom

Photoshop for Tablet

Photoshop Touch

Note: In Elements 11, Smart Fix has replaced Photomerge, which has been removed from the software.

In addition to the new features found in the more complicated Creative Cloud tools, Adobe Photoshop Elements allows the creation of new pages in the user’s Organizer by dragging the contents of a folder into the empty space. Elements also allows users to create new media files that are compatible with Mac and Windows computers.

Types of digital images

Image formats

Image formats are used to describe the information stored in image files, and are not the same as picture file formats such as PNG. The picture file formats named below are the ones you should use for your digital photos.

JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group)

JPEG is the most popular image format used by many for many different reasons. It is generally used for digital photos, and some allow the viewer to print it. JPEG is a standard image format used on the Internet and in many web browsers such as the ones

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The Gradient Tool enables you to create smoothly blending gradients. A gradient blends two or more colors together, using solid colors as the end points. The Gradient Tool can produce pleasing blends, even when you make small changes to the gradient.

You can create your own textures and make them vary from one image to another. To create a new texture, select an image, then use the Texture Brush and a set of existing text or pattern brushes to create your own texture.

If you need to alter the look of a group of pixels, you can use the Spot Healing Brush, which allows you to select pixels and make adjustments on a pixel-by-pixel basis. You can adjust the brush size, opacity, healing and repair settings, and blend modes.

Photos, words, and shapes can be combined together as you create masks. A mask works like an outline and allows you to isolate an area of an image and make it transparent. The Mask Tool enables you to draw or select simple shapes and then modify them with mask-type effects.

You can create special lines in an image that curve smoothly. The Pen Tool is just one of the tools that enables you to create lines in your images. Click on the Pen Tool icon at the top left of the tools bar to select the Pen Tool. Then, use the mouse to drag across the image and create curved lines.

There are other tools you can use to perform specialized tasks, including Liquify, which enables you to stretch, squish, and warp your images; the 3D Warp Tool, which lets you stretch or warp an image in one or more dimensions; and the 3D Rotation Tool, which lets you rotate an image around any point on the x-, y-, or z-axis.

Photoshop comes with a number of text options, including the Text Tool, which lets you draw, copy, or paste text into the image. You can also use the Type Tool to modify text, or the Paint Bucket to fill text.

If you often create or edit images with only one color in mind, you might want to consider applying a color overlay. The Color Overlay lets you add or subtract one color from an image. In the Layers panel, you can find the Color Overlay icon in the Channels group. Click the icon to select it, then click on your image in the Layers panel. From the Color Overlay menu, you can choose to add or subtract a color

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