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The legendary tank battle game returns for a new generation!
You are the mighty commander of the all new M.A.G in the battlefields of World War 2.
Striving to protect your base from the surrounding tank hordes, you must learn from the past to be a great commander.
Investigate the special characters of the tank battle game and fight the hordes of the enemy on the open battlefields.
This exciting WWII tank battle brings back the nostalgic gameplay of the past generation, and is now available on Windows.
► Action
► Teamwork
► Strategy
► Environments
► Characters
► Tanks
• Discover the special elements that separate the M.A.G from the past.
Free-roam game play.
● Use the cover system to overcome cover, and use the walls to flank enemies.
● Weather effects such as rain, fog, hail and snow.
● Ten fully licensed real-world vehicles.
To Defeat enemies together.
● Share and swap abilities as you upgrade your skills.
● Command your best player and battle together.
Collect and upgrade new powerful weapons.
● Battle against close and distant enemies.
● Find the optimal route to the goal.
Intense open battlefield environments.
● Over 50 unique environments.
● Multiple characters to control.
● Each character has unique weapons and skills.
Diverse tank classes.
● 14 real-world tanks.
War Mechanised Action Gameplay.
● In order to defeat the enemies, use the cover system to overcome cover, and use the walls to flank enemies.
● The game plays at a fast pace, so you can keep up with the action.
● 10 fully licensed real-world vehicles.
● Realistic game engine, gives players an excellent sense of the battlefield.
● Interactive photo mode allows players to take screenshots of each map.
● Various types of weather effects, give each environment its own charm.
● Strategic, educational gameplay.
● Multiplayer mode allows players to battle online, with up to eight players.
【Online multiplay】
● After winning in a multiplayer game, players can enter the rankings to receive rewards.
● Random battle feature makes long-term strategies unnecessary.
● Players can also play using the gamepad.
Other Information:
【Online Ranking


Prompt Features Key:

  • Use any item
  • Move anywhere on the board
  • Random board size will generate more varied game
  • Stone, coin, wood and crystal will provide a different strategy at the game
  • You may switch items and move


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Platform: Windows,Mac
Genre: Action Game
This is a survival action game,The player is in a post-apocalyptic world,The player must consume raw materials to produce weapons,The player can be promoted if the player obtains a lot of materials,The player is shot if they are killed by a bullet.Control keys:
WASD movement
The left Shift jumping
Left mouse button killing
Space reducing
Mouse control direction
About The Game Prompt Cracked 2022 Latest Version:
Platform: Windows
Genre: Survival Action GameQ:

How to use the.toString() method?

How can I use the toString() method with Tuple classes? I know I can use toString() on a normal class, but what is the correct syntax to use it with Tuples?
I’ve tried using Object.getClass() but it returns a String type, not the class itself.


You can’t.
The value you get from toString() is the same for all the values of the same type. But tuples don’t have types.
You must make the type you want to get from toString() explicit.


Tuple doesn’t provide toString methods. You will have to use typeof operator and it will give you the type.


I found out that it’s possible to get the class of tuple using obj.getClass()

S., McAdam, D.J., Morgan, M.O., & Phillips, C.H. 1998, ApJ, 505, 256

[lc]{} $m_{c}$ (M$_\odot$) & 1.7 $\pm$ 0.2\
$M_{c}$ (M$_\odot$) & 1.7 $\pm$ 0.2\
$a_{c}$ (AU) & 2.3 $\pm$ 0.3\
$i$ (deg) & 86 $\pm$ 3\
$b$ (deg) & 19.1 $\pm$ 0.6\
$M_{\star}$ (M$_\odot$) & 1.85 $\pm$ 0.15\

[^1]: Located in the Large Binocular Telescope (LBT) site at Mount Graham, Arizona.



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The main play mechanic is that you roll dice.

Click to expand…

The GM calls the table “The screen” because they screen the dice and don’t write down any dice rolls. However, they do keep track of how many results they give and how many results result in magic items/creatures that the party encounters.

And the GM/players roll in any order they want. Except for a few specific situations (e.g. specific rolls are not used for influence).

The player rolls a d6 if they want to, but they don’t have to.

The player rolls a d20 and give their stats to the DM, who fills in some experience points.

The player may add an ability or stat at the start of their character creation.

The player may buy an ability or stat on their character sheet.

The player may buy a magic item on their character sheet.

The player may choose to do a special ability instead of an ability.

When a player wants to add a magic item, he has to choose between a magic item and a stat. The GM has to tell him which the magic item is.

When a player wants to add a stat, he has to choose between a stat and an ability. The GM has to tell him which the stat is.

When a player wants to add an ability, he has to choose between an ability and a special ability. The GM has to tell him which the ability is.

When a player wants to add a special ability, he has to choose between a special ability and an ability. The GM has to tell him which the special ability is.

The player may use a special move or secret move at any time. The player has to give a description of his move, which describes how to use the move (e.g. power attack, mental attack, an effect that has to happen over the course of a few rounds). The GM has to tell the player which secret move it is. The DM uses this secret move at his discretion and may or may not use it at all.

The player may do a special action that doesn’t have to be part of a special move. The player has to give a description of the special action and the GM has to tell the player which special action it is.

When a character uses a special move, the GM tells the player which secret move that is.

When a player does a


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