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Raster Font Editor Crack [Updated] 2022

* Raster Font Editor (RFE) is a small utility that helps you create and modify raster fonts (BMP, TTF,  DOS 8×16) in a few clicks.
* RFE is not related to rendering and has no impact on antialiasing, subpixel rendering and hinting, so you can use it together with any graphic editor of your choice.
* The tool offers a powerful editing environment for designing a new raster font and for implementing basic or advanced font features for current fonts.
* RFE has convenient font handling – it does not change any Windows Registry settings, so no third-party applications get updated when running the program.
* You can import.TTF files to create custom fonts based on their names, classes and faces.
* After working with your font, you can save the project to file for further modification or to be compiled into the current working directory.

Stefan Wölk

June 19, 2009

Raster Font Editor is a small utility that helps you create and modify raster fonts (BMP, TTF,  DOS 8×16) in a few clicks.

The app has a neat and simple interface with a limited number of windows and controls.
You can create new raster fonts by designing one letter at a time, in an environment that reminds us of Paint’s simplicity.
Keeping track of progress is possible by previewing text and identifying missing characters.
If you don’t like the program’s look-and-feel, you can change it or switch to another font easily.
It works great and offers plenty of editable font details, such as general properties, like the face name, copyright, and device or character set, as well as more specific attributes, like the font family, horizontal and vertical resolution, size and width.

The tool is also capable of importing BMP, TTF and  DOS 8×16 font items.
You can save your project to file for further modifications or compile it into the current working directory.
If you have some experience in editing text documents, then you can get to work right away.
Its CPU and system memory consumption remains within normal levels, so the performance and stability of your computer should not be affected.

To download Raster Font Editor,
double-click the rastershooter.exe file, which is also available for download from here.
Save it to a USB flash drive or

Raster Font Editor Crack Free Registration Code


Although Raster Font Editor is not the first tool we encountered that allows creating bitmap fonts, it is by far the easiest and the most straightforward. The app is also a very affordable piece of software. We appreciate that the developer has included a couple of tutorials, and we’re quite happy that the utility does not clutter up the computer’s desktop.

Moreover, the app boasts a sizable feature set that is not common in other font generators. Some other programs do let you customise font parameters but we do not know of any that provide as many features as Raster Font Editor allows. Most importantly, we think that the developer took great care when adding tools in the program’s menu.

Likewise, Raster Font Editor’s performance is much better than that of comparable tools. It doesn’t look like a very demanding program either, as it loads in a couple of seconds. We are certain that you can work quickly with Raster Font Editor because the user interface is simple to navigate, and there are no superfluous dialog boxes that would obstruct you.

We also recommend Raster Font Editor because it does not consume much computer resources, and it doesn’t create an annoying folder structure. Instead, you can store saved files anywhere you want. We like the fact that the app is a tiny utility that can sit on a USB flash drive and be used anytime. The interface is not complicated either, which makes Raster Font Editor ideal for those that don’t take software’s appearance or complexity too seriously.

That being said, Raster Font Editor is one of the best solutions you can find. Even though it’s only a personal tool, it can be used for commercial projects as well. Creating bitmap fonts has never been easier. And a free download is of benefit to us and thousands of other people out there, which is why we recommend Raster Font Editor.Q:

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Raster Font Editor Crack+ With Keygen Download

Raster Font Editor is a small and portable font editing tool that can create and modify Raster Fonts.
More than that, it lets you easily make edits to text, such as rotating, cutting, cropping, changing colors and adding text effects.
With the help of the application, you can not only modify a character, but also create new fonts that you can use for custom letters.
Furthermore, you can design the creator, family, copyright, device, face, look, size, etc., of any kind of font, whether for use on websites or on printed documents.
* Create New Font with Just One Character
* Easily Edit Text (Font and Color)
* Create and Save Project Files as.rasterfonid and.txt Files
* Reopen Project Files, or Save Project Files Any Time
* Free Fonts
* Homepage for Custom Fonts

Key Features:
* No installation required!
* All fonts can be accessed from any computer.
* No Windows Registry left behind.
* Keystroke combinations allow you to launch a single window.
* Easy-to-use interface.
* Save project file to a.rasterfonid or.txt file.
* Export Fonts with.rasterfonid.
* Import new fonts with.txt (Font and License information).
* Create new project files and save to.rasterfonid.
* Easily edit text (font and color), rotate, and cut text.
* Choose from more than 8,000 pre-installed font families.
* Customize text by first rotating and then cropping.
* Select from different types of text effects.
* Generate uninstalling application option.

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What’s New In?

If you’re looking for a tool that will let you create and personalize bitmap fonts for text documents and websites, look no further than Raster Font Editor.
The small and portable program will allow you to create and customize digital fonts without burning a hole in your pockets.
Raster Font Editor is pretty basic, providing you with a simple interface that requires a bit of training to use properly. The main window that is located at the center of the interface offers several panels, including:
– The list of fonts, displaying all of the fonts that you have added to the project.
– The main editing panel.
– The size control panel.
– The options panel.
The main editing panel is where you’ll work, designing the font. It is displayed below the font list panel, where you can change fonts, sizes and other items. There are three fonts, as of this writing: A, H and W.
When you add a font to the project, you have the option of creating a new project, entering the path to the actual font files, or copying a pre-existing project.
Designing a new font is a simple process. You have the option to add a standard or a total alphabet.
For the latter, you will also be given the opportunity to modify single characters (caps, lower case, numbers, symbols, etc.), or change the font’s orientation (left-to-right, right-to-left, up-to-down or down-to-up).
The options panel contains a variety of useful features. For instance, you can edit the size of each character, change the size of the layout (which determines the font layout on a document), manage the bold/italic switch and change the color of all characters, the background or the lettering.
Raster Font Editor’s interface is not particularly intuitive, but it is functional. You will find that the program is not specifically designed to make editing bitmap fonts a straightforward task.
Raster Font Editor Specifications:
File Formats:.exe,.bat,.txt
File Size: 68 KB
Developer: PGS
Supported OS: Any Windows version
Company: PGS
Price: Free
Availability: Free
Raster Font Editor Screenshot:

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It is

System Requirements For Raster Font Editor:

Windows 7 or later
Mac OS X 10.7 or later
1 GB of RAM
25 GB of free space
DirectX 9 graphics card
Internet Explorer 9
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