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Keith Olbermann was always “based” at MSNBC, but a company spokesman confirmed Monday that the Tonight Show host will move there under a new five-year deal with NBC.


Olbermann has been angling for a new home after his contract with Current TV, where he hosted the eponymous show, was not renewed following Al Jazeera’s takeover of the company. Olbermann had been on the network since 2006, and his contract was set to expire at the end of 2013.

According to New York magazine, Olbermann had come to an agreement with MSNBC as far back as 2008, when the network was still owned by NBCUniversal.

Though the move is expected to be a financial one — NBC bought MSNBC for $2.7 billion in May 2007 — it won’t stop the current host of Countdown with Keith Olbermann from rebranding himself as a nightly broadcaster. Olbermann had laid out his plans in interviews for months, though NBC had not officially said that he would be joining the network at the time of the sale.

In an interview with the magazine last week, Olbermann said, “MSNBC has been so gracious in terms of making this move happen. I couldn’t be more delighted. It’s been very easy.”

As noted by Vanity Fair, Olbermann will move from being a nightly anchor to being a part of the primetime show instead of appearing daily.

The report also noted that other changes will be coming to the network, with executives “surging forward” to the idea of revamping “The Daily Rundown,” a planned primetime news and discussion show.

“Keith was a brilliant fit for the network and has been an incredible talent for the network,” said MSNBC President Phil Griffin in a statement Monday. “We look forward to him continuing to champion the progress we are making at MSNBC.”

Yet Olbermann’s move to NBC will not be the first change to the Nightly News anchor


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Excel may be a first-class language – andersonmeltzer

Funny that this is mentioned in light of how much I enjoy seeing how Excel
users treat their data. It reminds me of a few software engineers I know who
couldn’t program fast enough to buy a home computer in the 80s because they
wanted to read The C Programming Language (actually I wish this was the case
today, and they would be reading something like ‘Software Projects in

Don’t make the mistake of calling Excel a language. It’s not. It’s a tool.

That depends on your criteria to define a language, but the author is making a
comparison to SQL and VB.NET as a type of language.

Really it depends on whether you consider an Excel file a runtime representation
of a program. Excel is an editable model that will be compiled on the users
hardware in the process of the program executing. A spreadsheet is similar to
language usage, in the sense that it is a language, but it is a language that
has its quirks/flaws, and is much more than a ‘tool’.

The fact is Excel may be treated more like a macro than a compiled language.
You don’t have to compile and run a Macro Language on the.NET CLR to use
Virtual Machines though.

=SUM([@A:A],G:G), I get a #VALUE! but =SUM((@A:A),G:G) works

Being able to copy and paste is the reason for the popularity of Excel if you
are taking that sort of tack.


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