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The Elden Ring, a legion of heroes from all around the Lands Between, has fallen once again and the lands have been invaded by a demon army. Many Elden Lords and heroes have fallen to the demon army, leaving the Lands Between without hope.

You must unite with the other Elden Lords and become a new generation of leaders. With the powers of the Elden Ring, you must fight against the demon army and save the Lands Between.

What was your story? What happened after the demon army invaded? What were the names of the soldiers who fell?

The Elden Ring now awaits you.

Not yet released but available in the dark dream of the developers!


※All translation notes and credits are provided on the bottom of this page.

Crimson LightKnight


Crimson LightKnight



Crimson LightKnight



Elden Ring Features Key:

  • An unparalleled RPG experience.
  • An epic narrative, born from a myth.
  • An experience that allows you to form your own opinion of the story.
  • Various social interactions, such as polls and guild recruitment.
  • A large-scale, persistent multi-battle environment.
  • A massive world filled with unique dungeons, including randomly generated dungeons that are unified through the use of procedurally mapped dungeons where monsters are generated by four threads.
  • Unprecedented PvP content with dynamic matches that will give you countless skill-boosting opportunities.
  • Unique Online Battle Mechanics:

    Epic battles. Using both your action and skill, it’s time to go head-to-head with your opponent in a dynamic, large-scale battle that will maximize the excitement.

    In a New Kingdom, the very survival of your character strongly depends on the strength of the team you make with other players. Even if you place in dead last, you can still receive one-on-one support from your guildmates, and the magic of the fight will coolly be transformed into a show of strength. When you’re in a clan with a number of strong guild members, the combat will be more fun.

    The player unit is equipped with two weapons (offensive or defensive), a shield, and two magic. There are three types of weapons to choose from when playing PvP, meaning that there are multiple ways to create a unique strategy. On the ground, attacks will no longer be limited to only basic attacks in New Kingdom, which will provide a completely new gameplay experience. In addition, the speed of movement and attack will also be enhanced.

    You can freely pick up items that will enhance your skills from NPC vendors, and it’s also possible to interact with other players in the ways listed below. The stats of all items will be obtained from the items your character drops when you lose a battle, and there will be plenty of items to choose from in the item box.

    How do you win a Battle?

    • Winning Conditions
    • Victory Conditions
    • Damage to


      Elden Ring With Product Key Download [Win/Mac] [Latest-2022]


      WHAT’S NEW:

      The start of a brand new chapter for the Tarnished Lands, where once upon a time was only the tedious song of monsters and loot.

      Numerous bug fixes and performance improvements

      The Tarnished lands – Another demo with additional features has been published in the App store!


      -Better graphics and sound effects!

      Xbox Live:

      -NOTE: If you are registered on the Xbox Live Indie Games service on this date, the game will already be downloaded on your Xbox. Please follow this link to redeem the download code.

      Unlock the File and Download Tarnished Lands

      Are you a fan of the popular fantasy action RPG? Do you want to try the game with even more content?

      Then the latest update of the fan-favorite action RPG Tarnished Lands is for you!

      You will get all the extra content as a direct download at no extra cost!

      What’s New in Tarnished Lands v1.4?

      The start of a brand new chapter for the Tarnished Lands, where once upon a time was only the tedious song of monsters and loot.

      Numerous bug fixes and performance improvements

      The Tarnished lands – Another demo with additional features has been published in the App store!

      The Xbox Live unlock code will be sent to your Xbox LIVE profile email. You will then be able to redeem it from your Xbox LIVE dashboard.

      After redeeming the code to unlock the file, you can download and play Tarnished Lands for free on your Xbox One.


      – BEAUTIFUL ILLUSTRATION – Bring your favorite characters to life with full-color images.

      – AN INCREDIBLE EPIC STORY – A multilayered story told in fragments. An epic drama in which the various thoughts of the characters intersect in the Lands Between.

      – JOIN A TRIBE OF FRIENDS – Join a tribe of characters and travel together to survive in the Tarnished Lands.

      – EXPLORE THE TUNNELS OF A GORILLA INFESTATION – Overcome countless enemies and confront the imposing nature of the Gorilla


      Elden Ring Crack + With Full Keygen Free Latest


      All-new action RPG.

      The first in the series that delivers quality action RPG gameplay.

      The Art of RPG.

      Various items to use.

      Create your own character.

      Explore a vast world with various places and monsters.

      Rise, Tarnished. Brandish the power of the Elden Ring.

      Innovative action RPG gameplay.

      Multilayer story of epic drama in the Lands Between.

      Feel the presence of others via the asynchronous online element.

      Web Content

      Online Game Site [G]

      [G] Create a character.

      Play with other players.

      [G] Web Content [WEB]

      [WEB] Access to the game itself.

      Various items that can be equipped.

      System Requirements:

      * Note: Some screens were adjusted to 4:3.

      © 2019 KCEJ Inc.

      Interview with Tycho (YC S10) co-founder – knol


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      What’s new in Elden Ring:

      Based on “Artyom, the Last Story”, a multi-award-winning action game from 505 Games.
      Expected to come out by April 8, 2015.
      Play on PS4.

      Build, customize, destroy, and join with friends.
      Control massive wars against the alien enemies. Be the defender, attacker or create your own strategy. Engage countless wave after wave of enemies.
      The ultimate challenge awaits you in this sci-fi shooter sequel. As a Galactic Marine, embark on an epic campaign of destruction against the enemies of the Terran Fleet.
      Build and upgrade your ship, and use radar, shields, magnetic missiles and lasers to obliterate tens of thousands of space invaders. Gamers can also engage in single-player mission or cooperative gameplay modes.

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      Free Elden Ring Crack + Activation Code With Keygen For Windows

      1. Unpack the downloaded package with WINRAR or 7zip
      2. Copy the content of the xxx/TFAR folder to the game installation directory
      3. Play the game
      If you have any question, Please contact:
      Whois: lordje@qq.com
      [Elden Ring] by Cygames
      Elden Ring is a new fantasy action RPG, developed by Cygames. You can freely
      explore a vast world by yourself or with up to 3 party members. You will
      encounter unique bosses and monsters, and in order to strengthen the bonds
      between the party members, you will have to develop all the characters.
      WHAT’S NEW
      New Features
      -New Main Story
      -Extra content of Archery + Demon Arts (mixed with new Main Story)
      -New AI of Dungeon
      -Vast World, Vast Dungeons
      -AI Master will be able to fight against you for the first time
      -You can save the story progress, boss strategies, keys, and best
      -New Character Creation
      -Possibility to change character’s Job at anytime
      -Possibility to create a unique character
      -Oriented and refined Story, Precise battle system
      -Low-preset difficulty mode
      -New Mission
      -New Map
      -New music
      -New Enemies
      -Hidden items
      -New mode
      -New Skill
      -New level up
      -New monster
      -Stronger Skills
      Version 1.1
      Main Story
      -Main Story part 2
      -Addition of Demon Arts (Demon Arts is the content set for Archery)
      -New main story part for Archery
      -Extra contents of Archery + Demon Arts
      -Fixed various bugs
      -New boss at Level 10
      -Added scene between Knight and Archer
      -Fixed bug of Main Story 1
      Version 1.2
      -Story part 2, Magicite description fixed
      -The music of Inner Forest restored
      -Various bugs fixed
      Version 1.3
      -Trace fixed
      Version 1.4
      -A new model for AI of dungeon.
      -A new model for AI of battle.
      -New music for battles.
      -Added to Battle options for protect the weak against the strong attacks.
      Elden Ring includes the freedom to play the game according to your own play


      How To Crack Elden Ring:

    • Step 1 : First Unrar the Gz file or 7z file.
    • Step 2 : Unzip the folder to the folder decompressed (it is a GZip file)
    • Step 3 : Open the game and play
    • Step 4 : Enjoy


    • This is a demo version and only supports the first chapter and has no single player campaign.

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    • About Steam
    • About ZENONsoftware
    • Elden Ring After installing the game. Eclipse will not needed, you can close the program if you run in on windows operation system.
    • Elden Ring log in steam account and create a new account.

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    System Requirements:

    The following are the minimum and recommended system requirements for the pre-alpha testing phase of the project.
    What’s New and What’s Coming:
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