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Deception of Nel and the Lost City

Deception of Nel and the Lost City is a mobile action RPG set in the fantastic world of ARIA. You, the eponymous Nel, have just awoken in the Ancient City of Aria after receiving an interesting letter, finding yourself on the trail of a macabre mystery of powerful beings colliding with the lawless cities of Altus and Hourai, and their sinister leader, Iriana.
The battle in which you will engage will pit you against a variety of powerful monsters, which you will be given the chance to learn through experimentation, and then call on to fight for you as a party of three.
If you are able to collect all the necessary data on creatures, you will even be able to learn their weaknesses and use this information to your advantage during battle to create an incomparably powerful party!
In addition, we are currently developing a story of more than 10 episodes, as well as a world map, that will allow you to engage in a variety of actions and meet with the other characters that you will encounter on the way.

Deception of Nel and the Lost City is slated for release at the end of 2019, with new content added as it is developed.

◆ The Period of the Lost City

The long-lost city of Aria, which is said to be the origin of mankind, has suddenly appeared. People throughout the land are now rushing to Aria, sending out messengers asking for help to recover the way back to the lost city.
To all who are in the city of Aria or have come to its borders, please allow the Seventh Mayor of the city, Nel, an opportunity to send out a friend letter from this city, and information from the land, as well as a warning about the dangers to seek friendship as the one who comes here from outside.
◆ A Deep and Meaningful Storyline

The official homepage for the Deception of Nel and the Lost City

◆ Deception of Nel and the Lost City is a Mobile Game



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    Features of the Book of Yaldabaoth.

    – RPG Style
    – Action
    – Role-Playing
    – Light on Action Points
    – Single-Player
    – Subscription Game

    Download via Steam

    – App for iPhone/iPad

    – PC

    – Playstation 4


    Download via Zune

    – App for iPhone/iPad

    – PC

    – Playstation 4


    Download via Google Play Store

    – Android


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    Elden Ring [Updated]

    As the new Fantasy Action RPG, enter the world of Elden.
    The system where your party can carry out quests on your own is also available in the new game.


    As a high-class adventurer with a high level, you enter the world of the Lands Between.
    In the world of the Lands Between, the cries of the fallen are still echoing.
    In this world, you will meet three powerful monsters whose cruelty can never end.
    Their cry is your call.


    A proud warrior whose past was tarnished.
    Enter the world of the Lands Between as a highly-skilled warrior and clear the way for the Chosen One.
    Even if it makes you bitter, you will join the power of the fallen and fulfill the mission of saving others.


    Prepare yourself to enter this new world of Elden as the ultimate adventurer!
    Staying the course takes courage, you can get hurt.
    In the knowledge of your enemies and the tolerance of companions, become a hero that you can see.


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    Move around freely, take off your VASTA suit, and go wherever you want.


    Join a party with your favorite NPCs and clear missions together.
    You can play with your favorite characters and join forces with your friends.

    (3) VASTA ARMOR:

    Use your own customized armor to equip.
    VASTA Armor is ready to use in the atmosphere of the new Fantasy Action RPG.

    (4) VASTA MAGIC:

    Develop your character’s magic skills and raise your strength and magic resistance.
    VASTA Magic, which will be released in the next update, will be equipped to your armors.


    Leave from your home and fight against the party that killed your family.
    You will climb up from a root cellar, and go against a high-class adventurer that is the same age as


    What’s new in Elden Ring:


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    Online-Offline Mobile Game: Free

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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Supported OS:

    Minimum System Requirements:
    Intel Core 2 Duo
    Intel Core i5
    Intel Core i7
    AMD Phenom II X3
    AMD Athlon II X3
    AMD FX-9590
    AMD FX-8350
    Minimum RAM:
    4 GB RAM
    8 GB RAM
    8 GB



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