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Sakura Clicker – Egyptian Outfit Hacked Full Product Key Download








Features Key:

  • Embark on new adventures, but beware enemy with deadly traps
  • Evil environment can be horrible, search explosives and use in traps
  • Combine power of multiple equipments and unlocks extra skill to be the most Sakura Clicker


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***This video is not sponsored by Rotten Tomatoes, we liked the game and wanted to support it.


Bloody Monday: Upgrade version 1.20.
Please note that we are not on steam anymore, so we can not provide an unban link anymore, BUT you can still get the game by purchasing the new version without steam

Sign In in stead of the Login Screen
Ketchup Bugfixing

Thank you for playing our game and for your patience!

Thanks to all Beta Testers that helped us to improve the game!

Steam Description:
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The main idea behind the video game Sakura Clicker is to make some money by clickling cards. The game has several modes and you can play on your own, or you can play with friends. There are several ways to make money by clicking cards, some ways are just by playing the game while others require you to purchase cards. Some cards are golden and you’ll have to buy them and while some are standard cards that will appear automatically.

Once you reach level 10 in the game you’ll get to choose from different items to improve the gameplay and the experience.



Opinion on this game is not relevant to Steam.

At the time of this review the wiki uses the source images for the game that were offered on the developer’s Yandex page.

The Chinese role-playing game is expected to be released on 26 November 2017 for iOS and Android devices. The game will be published by Alibaba Pictures, which was also the publisher of the smartphone game Full Metal Furies. The game uses a turn-based gameplay system and focuses on character growth, leveling up, and skill acquisition


What’s new in Sakura Clicker – Egyptian Outfit:


No review available yet

Sakura Clicker, the latest pick-up-and-play mobile game based on the anime, games, and manga franchise ‘Pretty much anyone knows who Naruto is’, has finally entered its beta phase and it’s time to get our hands on our favorite Egyptian princesses costume!

Name : Sakura Clicker

Platforms : iOS (iPhone and iPad)

Price : App Store

Released : November 24, 2014

Find out more about the Sakura Clicker game at


A free-to-play Japanese game that is set in the animated series which is currently airing in Japan.

Other features include:

Global leaderboard (what… like a, thing…?)

24–49 levels – Much better than the other 50–110. Except, I don’t think there’s going to be so much more after that.

Best if played while listening to MIDI music.


I tend to like the graphics and animation in Sakura Clicker. When playing, it’s kind of like watching the short anime episode you’re getting to play the game, not so much. It feels like an entire episode of small anime story! The graphics and animations are great enough to play to see the characters’ individual personalities; a classic manga anime feel.

Who is this game for? – For everybody who likes watching the anime, I recommend you get the game.

Who isn’t this game for? – It’s not very easy to play at first. Like, aaaaaaaasss sooo boring and easy, but from what I understand, it gets harder and harder once the characters get really big.

Who can beat the game – The 50-110 levels are easily beatable. The time limit might be to long for some more savvy players, but I don’t think that’s too hard to beat.

Spoiler warning! – There’s possibly a large spoil of the series.

As the Sakura Clicker title suggests, this is a game played with Sakura. To start off, you need to choose one of 8 different female characters to control – each with their unique abilities and moves. The size of your character is determined by the number of points you collect, so to progress through the story, there


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