First let me say I have always been a little skeptical of the said benefits of chiropractic healthcare. My main opposition was based on bad information from others personal injuries and issues with their own body.

I am an active athlete. My main concentration is in running. I am also a former US Marine with deployment time and old injuries. A blown out ankle being one of many daily arguments my body has with my day.

I had my first adjustment after I ran a half marathon. My ankle at the time was locked as it typically is. Dr. Flynn adjusted the ankle to have full mobility and I was running the next day.

Since being adjusted weekly I noticed improvement in my sinuses. It is common for me to leave the office and my sinuses begin to clear. My overall regular aches have vanished. Honestly I feel better. These regular adjustments have been a great addition in my life.

Dr. Flynn handles her patients with respect and sensitivity. She followed up to see how I was feeling.