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The Cure Discography Free Torrent Download REPACK

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The Cure Discography Free Torrent Download

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asp.net mvc model binder breaks when using jquery and a bootstrap dialog

I’m using a jquery dialog box to load a partial view (the dialog is created by jquery, no asp.net mvc rendering).
When this dialog is loaded, I place the form in an ajax tab that uses the same model as my original view.
When the ajax request is successful the dialog should close, but closes immediately.
I’m using.NET 4 and Bootstrap 1.3.1
The code in the ajax tab is as follows;
url: ‘/edit’,
cache: false,
type: ‘GET’,
data: data,
dataType: ‘html’,
success: function (response) {

title: ‘Edit’,
width: 550,
height: 300,
modal: true,
resizable: false,
open: function (event, ui) {


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