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Download Setup + CrackDOWNLOAD



Cosmic Ray is a fast-paced twin-stick shooter in which you fly a customizable ship through a randomly generated universe, saving a newly terraformed planet from incoming asteroid clusters and destroying the space pirate menace threatening it. Over a dozen different environments and lifeforms await your arrival and you’ll have to adapt your strategy to survive.
Key Features:
• About 250 unique gameplay locations.
• Dozens of weapons and upgrades.
• Planets to explore.
• A soothing soundtrack.
by Mark S.
I’m gonna start this review off by saying I absolutely love the hectic nature of space shooter, twin-stick shooters, or in this case, “Cosmic Ray.” Each planet is completely different and the game has enough variety to keep the player entertained for a long time. The game is meant for anyone and everyone to play and enjoy, and this is evident from the core gameplay to the various colors that adorn the sides of your ship.
The best thing about the game is that it has a lovely music fit for your needs, and a great RTS oriented design. It plays very well on the PC platform, with tight controls and an amazing mix of a calm ambiance with an invigorating mix of explosions and systems. I, and so many other people, have been waiting for something like this to hit the Playstation, but after seeing the game here, it seems like its being released by a publisher that really cares about its customer’s needs.
So, would I recommend the game? Totally. Keep in mind that this is only my first impression of the game, and that I can’t wait to try out the game. I love twin-stick shooters that last for 10+ hours. If you’re looking for such a game that’s also lighthearted and soothing, then Cosmic Ray is truly a must buy.
by RollingGuitars
Check out the trailer to see what you get in Cosmic Ray when you buy it now.
Cosmic Ray is a fast paced twin-stick shooter in which you fly a customizable ship through a randomly generated universe, saving a newly terraformed planet from incoming asteroid clusters and destroying the space pirate menace threatening it. Over a dozen different environments and lifeforms await your arrival and you’ll have to adapt your strategy to survive.
Cosmic Ray is available via STEAM on PC, consoles, and even handhelds such as the 3DS and


Download Setup + CrackDOWNLOAD

Download Setup + CrackDOWNLOAD


  • Select from one of the twelve original Sega character to face the evil Marin.
    The game features the return of those classic Sega personalities like Tails, Seaman, Warp, Rambi, Blast & Spray & Hot Dog but also introduces new characters like Dr. Gang, George and Baz who will help Tails in his quest to rescue Princess Peach from all those evil people who wants the power of the Crystal Melody.
  • Each game has a unlockable Shadow Room, where spirits of those who died in the great circle, but also different secret levels.
  • Switch between two modes thanks to the new pinch and roll mechanic: Classic gameplay where the character is unaltered or Glider, modes that let you defeat enemies by jumping over them.
  • Sega characters style returned thanks to the new physics engine: Marin is now able to disappear behind other sprites, Tails will eat his heart if he wants and even, Shizuka can go like a whirlwind thanks to her speed.
  • You can also interact with your opponents by colliding on them to use their attacks.
  • Details:

    • Full version free for all, free trial available, no time limit.
    • Listen to music from the games main theme: SEGA.

      Download the free trial inside the game
    • Choose the Hero of the game to play
    • Choose the girl you want to help him/her
    • Attack according to your preferences, use Seaman or Warp Jet if you prefer to avoid combat.

      THE GREAT CIRCLE With License Code [32|64bit]

      – While wandering the great circle, you will travel through a world in which four noble houses are vying to claim dominion over a land untouched by the Fall.
      – This dynamic setting allows you to play from either an evil or neutral point of view.
      – Playable races include humans, dwarves, elves, and half-elves.
      – Over 30 different races and their characters can be developed throughout the game.
      – The rich, open world map allows the players to travel on foot, by various vehicles, fly by foot or by magical means.
      – Hundreds of hours of replayability will keep you coming back for more.
      – A control system that gives free rein to the player.
      THE GREAT CIRCLE is a fully 3D Sandbox RPG developed by Sparrow in association with Mythos Games, and published by Elite Dangerous Development Studio.

      ‘s Paper
      » NATIONAL
      » TAMIL NADU

      Historical landmarks restored

      CHENNAI: In Tamil Nadu, the state government today decided to restore several historical temples that have been partly or entirely damaged during the 1999 tsunami.

      A historical council chaired by the state archaeology minister has given the go-ahead to restoration work at Muthur, Thirukolil and Sannakkottai temples in Trichy district.

      The Rs 80-crore project has been given the green signal after the council took into consideration the damage inflicted by the 1997 and 1999 tsunamis.

      The project would cover the temple at Muthur, the hill fort at Thirukolil and the Sannakkottai temple.

      At a meeting here, archaeology minister Ramaswamy said a study has been made and measures taken to preserve the temples.

      He said that with necessary funds, restoration work would begin in stages and it would take three to four years to complete the project.

      Ramaswamy said that he had spent two to three months in the United States and France as part of his study and travelled to other countries to understand the havoc caused by the tsunami.

      The tsunami wrecked and damaged several historic monuments in India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Thailand.

      Officials said that the 2001 tsunami was the worst when it


      THE GREAT CIRCLE With License Code [Updated-2022]

      Want to take a trip to the far corners of the galaxy? No problem, you’re out in the middle of the wilds of space and you can’t go wrong with this game.
      A few hours before departure you board a spaceship. To call it a spaceship is a little bit of a misnomer because all you are really doing is launching yourself out into space and hoping to get the best view possible of the vast cosmos.The controls are pretty intuitive. Move forward and right to control your spaceship and left and back to control your ship’s speed. While the controls aren’t perfect, they’re easy enough to get a hang of. You can only play this game in a seated position.
      The Great Circle is a turn-based, grid based RPG that revolves around orbiting a central space station, commonly referred to as the ‘Sun’. The Sun is a huge space station in the middle of the galaxy.
      Players move around the Sun, collecting stars, planets, asteroids, black holes, and the occasional UFO. The Sun is kept rotating in space around the universe by the Navier-Stokes equations, and acts as a sort of cosmic orbiter for stars and planets.
      Depending on what planet or asteroid you’re on at the time, players can access different planets and asteroids. The different planets and asteroids are procedurally generated every time the game starts. As you access different planets and asteroids, you are able to begin collecting different planets and asteroids.You can fly the ship, or you can have the computer fly you around. Either way you get to explore.
      You collect items by locking onto them. Locking onto things allows you to fly to them. You can lock onto objects by holding down the LMB button on your keyboard. The ship will descend towards the nearest planet or object you have locked onto.
      Do you like to discover new places? Do you like to explore new things? If you answer yes to either of these questions then you will love this game.
      About This ContentVast and epic, Nature Soundscapes goes into nature and beyond with this pack of real-world nature sounds and ethereal, droning soundscapes. Dreamy, distant waves of light sound are perfect for your ethereal, galactic games, and nature sounds of course are fantastic for very soft, background, gentle ambience.Features:* 30 BGM featuring dreamy, ethereal music and real-world nature sounds* Nature sounds include rain,


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