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X-Plane 11 – Add-on: FunnerFlight € PHNL – Honolulu International Airport + Hickam AFB + Pearl Harbor V2 serial number and product key crack [April-2022]


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The General Aviation area is located in the northwest corner of the airport. This is the largest and most used area of the airport for aircraft ranging from ultralight, light, flight training and air taxi. The Field is equipped with GPS/Engine monitoring and flight planning. There is a jump tower and golf course for golfing aficionados.
The North Terminal is located on the Airport grounds on Hana Road (Parking Lot 1, with room for 680 cars, opens at 6:00am daily) and consists of more than 100 parking spaces for private, corporate, and government air freight and jet cargo operators.
Our goal is to make this X-Plane as realistic as possible and to get every element right. So, for an airport with over 18 million passengers a year, we made sure the park has great views of the airport, cars, a control tower, the runway, and much more!
In addition to what X-Plane users have come to expect from X-Plane, we added a little something to make the park even better.
Overall, we wanted to make this a park that is unlike all the others, as unique as PHNL is!
Please have a wonderful experience here!


X-Plane Admin – HiddenEyesTeam
The Instructables Team
Gavin Moore – X-Plane Map Design and FlyBy Design General Manager
The X-Plane Wiki Team – Wiki Manager, Wiki Documenter, Wiki Approver and Wiki Reviewer
Steven “Jounin” McLean – Wiki Contributor, X-Plane Wiki and Wiki Approver
Tom and Nik
A Big Thanks to the USGS for all the time, creativity and help they have provided with the high resolution aerial photography.
And Finally A BIG Thank You to The Yak for his help in designing the X-Plane New-V3 to add X-Plane!
And finally, a big thanks to you who have purchased this X-Plane build.
Thank you so much!


Lights Abnormalities

1. Main Lighting Static and night lighting static, (The golden gate and the runway are


Features Key:

  • New PHNL V2 airport
  • Hawaii local weather map
  • HC-130 Grumman Stallion multistory
  • A-10 Thunderbolt II
  • K-46 Pegasus barge
  • Gameplay

    Hawaii Local Weather

    Multiple weather layers with coastal, mountain, and island specific weather

    The Display System enables to view weather on specific area in the flying simulator game

    Weather effects on aerodynamics, visual quality, heat pipes, radar and engine systems

    Hawaii Land

    More than 80 accurate airports with realistic VFR and IMC airports

    Highly detailed and edited landscape, islands and terrain

    New navigation methods: direct to target and GLS

    Computer-generated weather and clouds with automated cloud placement

    Highly accurate flight paths with realistic maneuvers

    K-46 Pegasus Barge

    Flight simulator with two seats

    New stationery FCS, with new weapons panel and radar

    VF-17 Night Hawk with night vision, new cockpit lighting

    Player choice weapons: A-10 and B-25

    Game controller support

    Instant action with flying buttresses and smoke

    New Airport

    Available in three color variations: Pacific Blue, Urban White, and Hawaiian Sunrise

    Fuel and Passenger aisles

    Ground / Taxiway pavement

    Floor / Taxiway markings / Ground textures

    Navigation lights

    Car and ramp catering

    Realistic damage 

    X-Plane 11 – Add-on: FunnerFlight € PHNL – Honolulu International Airport + Hickam AFB + Pearl Harbor V2 Crack + Full Product Key Download [2022-Latest]

    1. New History: The land and features below are inspired by Oahu, US.
    2. New Features: New Airport
    3. New Airport Shortcut
    4. New Airport Map
    5. New Aircraft Types
    6. New Skiescapes
    7. Custom Scenery: New Hawaii
    8. Custom Scenery: Hawaii Views
    9. Updated Airport
    10. Updated Airport View
    11. New Town Center with food court
    12. New Routes to X-Plane Models: The new routes in Honolulu offer higher ground clearance.
    13. The 4 new aircraft now fly to Honolulu
    14. Aircraft versions are now displayed when selecting.
    15. Custom Sounds
    16. New Real-world Features:

    – Honolulu International Airport – Map:
    Coastline with marina
    Airport terminal, heliport
    Douglas Airport fence
    X-Plane model of airport

    – Hickam AFB – Map:
    Coastline with marina
    Airbase terminal
    Douglas Airport fence
    F-16 fighters
    X-Plane model of airbase

    – Pearl Harbor – Map:
    Coastline with marina
    Battleship Missouri Memorial
    Ford Island
    USS Arizona Memorial
    Ford Island bridge
    X-Plane model of Pearl Harbor

    – Hawaii Views:
    Topography, islands, mountains, volcanoes, beaches and coastlines
    New skycapes and lighting from Hawaii
    New floating light
    New Custom Trees, Shrubs, Flowers and Bushes

    – New X-Plane Models:
    – F-22 Raptor – Made to look like the future F-22s (Thanks to Jimy Duzy)
    – F-15 Eagle – Made to look like the future F-15s (Thanks to Jimy Duzy)
    – F-16 Fighting Falcon – Made to look like the future F-16s (Thanks to Jimy Duzy)
    – A-10 Thunderbolt II – Made to look like the future A-10s (Thanks to Jimy Duzy)
    – B-2 Spirit – Made to look like the future B-2


    X-Plane 11 – Add-on: FunnerFlight € PHNL – Honolulu International Airport + Hickam AFB + Pearl Harbor V2 Crack Free Download [March-2022]

    The scenery comes with 4 vehicles, Oceanic Plane, Boeing 727-200, Boeing 727-200C, Boeing 757-300, and Boeing 767-300 with their official speeds of 295kts, 590kts, 555kts and 520kts, respectively.
    The user can select the scale in which he/she wants to fly and the ground texture(low, medium and high).
    In real air the parameters of the HNL airport:
    Runways (AER) of Honolulu International Airport are indicated in red, in this scenery the two main runways are from north to south!
    Runways (CRY) are from East to West!
    Runways of Hickam Field are indicated in blue, in this scenery the two main runways are from South to North!
    Runways of Pearl Harbor (MRY) are indicated in green, in this scenery the two main runways are from West to East!
    The default ground plane is provided by the terrain generator, a very high resolution GBDS maps, and is then stretched by a factor of 4 to match the actual size of the areas.AERDry: The airplane may be configured to land on dry or wet runways.
    CRSH: You can choose between USCG/IATA/AIPs, TMCRS, STARD, or IGN.
    Runways (CRY): The runway textures are already assigned to the correct runway, if you don’t want to use the default textures, you can overwrite them or use the ones provided by another scenery
    Runways (MRY): You can use this configuration or any other configuration, or you can overide the runway names from the default one
    Runways (AER): The runway textures are already assigned to the correct runway, if you don’t want to use the default textures, you can overwrite them or use the ones provided by another scenery
    Ground Surface:
    Part of this scenery is scenery of Pearl Harbor, which is very big and demanded the use of terrains from the USGS!
    A custom Hawaii under the water made using this technology was used to make more realistic this water surface, a little difference of resolution and texture in some small points that made the photorealism of this scenery:
    Roads and Low ways (4x): Different resolutions and texture for the low ways and roads, with HIRR (High Resolution Island Relight Resource) which the roads are also arayada and can be configurated


    What’s new in X-Plane 11 – Add-on: FunnerFlight € PHNL – Honolulu International Airport Hickam AFB Pearl Harbor V2:

    What is FunnerFlight (

    FunnerFlight is in development and provides a personal flight planning software solution for low-cost flight planning and scheduling using FSX and X-Plane™ 11. It aims to make it easier for everyone to plan their flights to Hawaii.

    It is based upon the JRT (Just Ready To Takeoff) Universal Flight Planning System made by the author David J. Laing. Each flight will be individualized to your own specifications as long as you are willing to pay $28 per month for this service.

    Additionally, FunnerFlight includes a number of restricted features that are not available in the JRT Universal Flight Planning System and can be purchased separately. For a full listing of all features that are available in FunnerFlight, please see the feature list below.

    Price upon installation is $28 per month (Requires an ADSL or Cable internet connection) Upgrade costs $12 per month ($29 per month total)

    Before purchasing FunnerFlight, you can view a short video (requires x-plane.com, my downline or another service) How to get FunnerFlight.

    Purchase credits for add-ons/upgrades/licenses through FunnerFlight’s online store.

    If you purchased a web site license of the FunnerFlight Add-on through our online store and it was listed as “eCommerce”, it will be logged on this web site and transactions can be made to it.

    Please visit for the most recent screenshots of the add-on.

    Official flight plans only available through FunnerFlight. Includes details of airports you can take off and arrive at, and useful text comments on each airport. * please note – only uses FunnerFlight’s flight plans. However – does provide real time updates of some of the information which is useful.

    Includes Country/State restricted airports. Includes TSA Pre-Check exclusive airports. Allows you to enter your IATA code to restrict airports where you may not fly. Includes all TSA restricted airports in the USA and Canada which are not classified by DOT.

    Includes major air carriers and small air carriers. Provides real time information on any airline with a flight to be made within the next 24 hours. Scan the list of all scheduled airlines and find your airline or if that does not provide the information that you need, it shows


    Free X-Plane 11 – Add-on: FunnerFlight € PHNL – Honolulu International Airport + Hickam AFB + Pearl Harbor V2 Crack +


    How To Crack:

  • Buy PlayX-Plane 11 – Add-on: FunnerFlight – PHNL – Honolulu International Airport + Hickam AFB + Pearl Harbor V2 game form any one of the links given below.
  • Fix the decompression sound and if the game is cracked, fix the cracking file.
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    PlayX-Plane 11 – Add-on: FunnerFlight – PHNL – Honolulu International Airport + Hickam AFB + Pearl Harbor V2playx-plane11 phoenix hawaii – hickam aiirp.nasa.gov hckl.org

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    System Requirements:

    Supported OS: Windows® 8, Windows® 7, Windows® Vista, Windows® XP SP2.
    Supported CPU: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo E4500/AMD Phenom™ X4 940/AMD Phenom™ X3 965
    Supported RAM: 1 GB RAM.
    Graphics card: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 480/AMD Radeon™ HD 5770 or equivalent.
    Dedicated Video Card: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 460/AMD Radeon™ HD 5850 or equivalent.
    Free hard disk space: 1 GB free space


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